How to save on Airfares using All Departure Gates

Find cheapest flight tickets with All Departure Gates

Let’s show with two examples how you can save money using the All Departure Gates’ global flight comparer.

First of all we will search in Google the most used search engines for flights and hotels by number of users, and then we will be ready to beat them!

Obtaining the airfare tickets price in three flight search engines

Using alexa that shows us the ranking by websites, we can see the following result:

Most used search engines according to Alexa
Most used search engines according to Alexa

As we observed, the most used search engines are Expedia, Hotels. Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz and Skyscanner.

Following the randomness of our example, we are now going to look for the cities with the highest air traffic in the world to guarantee that they have airports, and we will take the second American and the second European to ensure that there are flights between them. Searching in wikipedia we find Los Angeles and Paris as the second cities with the highest air traffic.

Now let’s take a random date in time, we will take for example half a year, a flight with a week, so we will look for roundtrip flights from Los Angeles to Paris from August 17 to 24 August.

Let’s see to see the different prices that show us (we will take the two cheapest without scales) the first 3 search engines of the list that offer flights.

Expedia: Los Angeles to Paris Round trip from August 17 to 24 nonstop:

Test flight from Expedia
Test flight from Expedia

We can observe how the cheapest prices found in dollars have been 851, 869 and 869 dollars respectively.

Kayak: Los Angeles to Paris, Round Trip, August 17 to August 24 nonstop:

Kayak flight test
Kayak flight test

We observe how in Kayak the prices for this search are cheaper than on Expedia, offering flights to 847, 852 and 869, so Kayak had a flight to 852 that Expedia did not, showing us one of the reasons why a world search engine as All Departure Gates helps us, not all sites use the same providers.

Now we will do the same test with the third search engine, in this case Priceline.

Priceline: Los Angeles to Paris, Round trip from August 17 to 24 nonstop:


As we observed on Priceline, the best prices are at $ 868.81 (probably the same $ 869 shown by Expedia and Kayak, so we get the following flights in order of prices:

  1. Kayak: 842 USD
  2. Expedia: 851 USD
  3. Priceline: 869 USD

Conclusion: The difference between using Kayak or Priceline in this particular flight is $ 27, which is 3% cheaper than we saved using Kayak instead of Priceline, but we will find even cheaper prices using the global flight search engine from All Departure Gates.

Using the All Departure Gates flight search engine

Previous step: To use All Departure Gates you must have the pop-up blocker disabled, same with the adblocker,  the only pop-ups that are going to be opened are the searches to our provider, Skyscanner, so you should not worry about opening windows more desired.

Step 1: We select the same search as in the other providers

Selected flights at All Departure Gates
Selected flights at All Departure Gates

Step 2: We select the countries where we want to search.

In All Departure Gates you can search in up to 52 different countries with what we could get up to 52 different prices in the best of cases (although many of the editions will have the same price).

For our test we will select only the recommended countries:

 All Departure Gates selected countries
All Departure Gates selected countries

Step 3: We select the language and the currency to be used, in this case we will use Spanish as a language and as currency the dollar (USD) to obtain the same results and compare them with the previous searches.

Step 4: We select how many pop-up windows we want to open at the same time.

In our case, as we have a powerful computer capable of opening all the windows at the same time we are going to mark 10, so we will only open the windows once, everything and that the system can allow us to split the open windows into smaller numbers so as not to collapse our computer .

Step 5: Open the windows.

As we have decided that we can open them all at once in our computer we can proceed with the option “Open All”, we can also select one by one the local editions of Skyscanner that we want to open if necessary or open them in small groups depending on the number we have selected in step 4.

Once the windows are opened we will have to wait between one and two minutes for all the results to be visible and valid while Skyscanner loads its data / prices.

Once we have opened the windows we will find something like this:All Departure Gates Global Search


All Departure Gates worldwide search
All Departure Gates worldwide search

Once the results are visible we will only have to compare the prices between them, in our case and to do the search as in the three search engines to compare we will mark the option of Flight without scales and we will order by price.

Step 6: Observe the prices compared.

All Departure Gates Results by country
All Departure Gates Results by country

Once the results are filtered, we find that we have found many better prices than those found on Expedia, Kayak and Priceline.

So we see how in the global editions (, in Ireland, Australia and Britain we have prices below those obtained in Expedia, Kayak and Priceline.

In this case, the cheapest price found was 785 dollars in the British version of the page. If we compare with the obtained results we observe:

Regarding Kayak: 842 vs 785. A difference of 57 dollars, 7% less

Regarding Expedia: 851 vs 785: A difference of 66 dollars, 8% less

Regarding Priceline: 869 vs 785: 84 dollars less, almost 10% less

In a simple search we have found 10% less in the price marked with respect to priceline, we must take into account that we have searched in only 8 editions of the 52 available, so the difference found could have been even lower, but It’s worth investigating a bit to find that price difference of 10%.

And that’s the reason why we should use a global or worldwide search engine like the option All Departure Gates provide